The Importance Of Deck & Dock Cleaning

By establishing a routine or scheduled cleaning of your property's dock or deck system, you gain not only the peace of mind in knowing that those particular features and their inherent cleanliness issues are being addressed on a consistent basis but also you have a better overview on its overall condition. This in turn, affords you, the property owner, the opportunity to affect any repairs or replacements accordingly.

How Sunshine Cleaning Service Can Help

When incorporating our time-honored methods and cleaning techniques to each property that often include power and pressure washing services, we are able to effectively and efficiently clean even the most troublesome of deck or docking features! We typically cater a specific cleaning regiment for each dock/deck system to ensure that the entire area is clear of mold, bacterial growth, mildew, and rotting organics.

Deck & Dock Sealing & Staining

After your dock or deck cleaning have a stain or clear sealant applied by one of our technicians. Applying a stain or sealant will help to repel any new stains and give the wood a rich and beautiful appearance.

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