Pressure & Power Washing With Sunshine Cleaning Service

Sunshine Cleaning Service offers professional hot and cold water pressure washing services for both residential and commercial properties. Our pressure washing equipment consists of heavy-duty, trailer mounted pressure washers, hot or cold water, with the ability to handle any application, big or small. If access to water is a problem, we can bring our own.

Pressure washing can remove years of dirt accumulation, oils and grease, environmental pollutants, mildew, and algae from a multitude of surfaces. Not all surfaces are cleaned in the same manner. Our cleaning technicians are highly skilled and trained in proper equipment use and knowledgeable in multiple cleaning applications. Using hot water when necessary, the appropriate detergents and cleaners, and the volume of water produced by our equipment, we can get superior results with much lower pressure.

Home and Mobile Homes

Shopping Centers, Banks, Credit Unions, All Retail Outlets

Restaurants and Drive Thru Lanes

Pool Decks, Screen Enclosures, Patio Furniture

Sidewalk and Driveway Cleaning w/ Gum and Oil Removal

Fences, Decks and Docks

Church Steeple Cleaning and Regular Maintenance

Loading Docks and Dumpster Areas

Rust Removal

Low-Pressure Roof Cleaning

Staining of Wood Fences, Decks and Docks


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